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Our services are 100% funded by your Regional Center. Plus, you get an additional $2500 budget for enrolling in the Self-Determination Program.


Your Navigator guides you through choosing disability services, unlocking endless Self-Determination Program possibilities.

Disability Services Expertise

We empower adults & teens with developmental challenges, offering tools for growth & joy.

Every individual is unique, and how they choose to spend their disability dollars should be too.

With the California Self-Determination Program, you can customize disability services to perfectly match the one-of-a-kind needs and aspirations of yourself or your loved one with intellectual or developmental disabilities.

Imagine using those disability dollars for music classes, learning new skills, joining clubs or gyms, or even pursuing a college education. It’s about making every dollar count towards supporting your unique journey. Start crafting a plan that’s as special as they are, and unlock the full potential of your disability dollars today. 



How to get started with NeuroNav

Discover how NeuroNav can partner with you on your Self-Determination journey. A few simple steps are all it takes.

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After signing up, we'll send you a link to select a 45-minute time that fits your schedule to meet with a NeuroNav Self-Determination Specialist. 

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It's your chance to learn about our services and discover how NeuroNav can guide you through SDP.  Share your experiences, needs, and goals with one of our team members.

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Once you decide to work with NeuroNav, we'll get you started with your personal NeuroNav Navigator. We can't wait to help you find the support and resources you deserve.


We Are With You.

Our mission is to give individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities and their families the ability to design their own services based on their hopes and desires. As we work together to enroll you in the Self-Determination Program, we put your needs and wants first, always. 

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NeuroNav guides current Regional Center clients through the process of entering the Self-Determination Program (SDP).
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Neurodiverse Team


Domi, Navigator


I was thrilled to guide my client into the Self-Determination Program. Being able to support him and share in his excitement of getting into every college he applied to and getting ready for the next phase of his life has been wonderful. Helping him ensure that he has the support he needs to thrive and be happy in this new environment brings me great joy.

Amanda Nixon

Amanda, Navigator


Guiding two clients into the Self-Determination Program (SDP) and ultimately helping them secure their spots at The Gary Shupin House, an independent living community, was a milestone moment. Seeing the comfort it brought their families reaffirms the transformative power of SDP.


Chynna, Navigator


I had a musically-inclined client who required an Apple computer. Understanding their familiarity, I championed their need, ensuring they had the best tools for success.

California Regional Centers

We can support participants from all 21 California Regional Centers

Westside Regional Center
Regional Center of East Bay
Valley Mountain Regional Center
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San Gabriel_Pomona Regional Center
San Diego Regional Center
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We Believe In Choice

At NeuroNav, we believe you and your families are in charge. Our commitment to providing unmatched support and uplifting our clients sets us apart from the rest

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