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Our Core


Discover the core beliefs that drive our commitment to you: our Mission, Vision, and Values.


A future where every individual, regardless of ability, has the choice, support, and intelligence to craft their unique life path, embodying the essence of autonomy and tailored care.


Empowering individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities to navigate life's journey, we fuse person-centered care with tailored intelligence, ensuring every individual lives their best life.

Our Values

Anchored in empathy, we champion choice as life's cornerstone. Our commitment lies in pioneering person-centered solutions, ensuring every voice is heard and every dream is within reach.

It starts with you.

We believe that your aspirations for your life is our north star.

Let's make big dreams happen.

We are energetic believers in your future. We will leave no stone unturned to help you make your dreams happen.

We harness collective intelligence.

We rely on data, feedback, and experts  in the field to help you navigate your choices.

We are with you.

We are on your side as your advocate, confidant, and trusted co-pilot.

Neurodiversity belongs here.

We hire neurodiverse talent, amplify neurodiverse voices, and design products with neurodiverse input.

Why NeuroNav?

Every person has aspirations for their life.

For people with developmental disabilities and their families, choices about the support and services they need are too often made by someone else. We believe that you and your families are in charge.

We provide person-centered planning and independent facilitation services to identify the future you want and the steps to get you there. To do so, we’re harnessing collective intelligence to match you to the service providers right for you. 

Our tools and techniques are the result of years of research at Stanford University, alongside neurodiverse customers, practitioners across the system, and experts at the Stanford Neurodiversity Project. 

Kimberly Schreiber: Thinking Differently About Neurodiversity

Our Leadership Team

Teamwork begins by building trust

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much


Kim Schreiber (She/Her)

Kimberly Schreiber is a founding member and CEO of NeuroNav.

Kim is committed to creating greater opportunities for adults with developmental disabilities. 

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Chief of Staff

Josh Liyanage (He/Him)

Josh is the Chief of Staff at NeuroNav.

Josh is passionate about amplifying NeuroNav's mission to promote profound social change for marginalized communities.

Navigator Manager and Independent Facilitator

Domi Lopez-Piper

Domi is a dedicated independent facilitator with a mission of intending kindness in all interactions. She holds a clinical doctorate in occupational therapy and firmly believes that an individualized, person-centered approach is always the best one.

Service Navigator and Independent Facilitator

Andrea Bonner

Andrea, a University of South Carolina graduate with a major in Sociology and minor in Nonprofit Administration, passionately contributes to nonprofit organizations and child care facilities. Her advocacy centers on improving and protecting the lives of children and teens with intellectual and developmental disabilities

Service Navigator and Independent Facilitator

Victoria Bryan

Victoria Bryan is a dedicated Independent Facilitator at NeuroNav, devoted to empowering individuals with disabilities. With passion and expertise, she guides transformative journeys toward inclusivity and empowerment. She is excited to be part of the NeuroNav team.

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Service Navigator and Independent Facilitator

Elyse Campbell

Elyse dedicates her career to fostering inclusivity and providing tailored support for individuals with unique needs. Passionate about creating a more inclusive environment, she strives to make a positive impact in every aspect of her work

Service Navigator and Independent Facilitator

Amanda Nixon

Amanda Nixon, Independent Facilitator and Service Navigator at NeuroNav, she advocates for equal opportunities for individuals with disabilities. With unwavering passion, she strives to make a meaningful impact in creating a more inclusive future.

Service Navigator and Independent Facilitator

Hannah Teipen

Hannah, holds a Bachelor's degree in Sociology and Non-Profit Organizations/Public Service. With diverse experience as a field instructor, RBT, and case worker, she brings comprehensive support to individuals with disabilities.

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Service Navigator and Independent Facilitator

Sara Losey

I obtained a Bachelor's degree in Sociology with a minor in Social Work and have over a decade of experience working in the social work field. I have enjoyed working within an ever-changing and growing career field as a case manager and advocate for individuals and families.

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Service Navigator and Independent Facilitator

Chris Alesi

I have been working in this field for over ten years, having served the IDD community for over six years as a case manager in the California regional center system.

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Service Navigator and Independent Facilitator

Melissa Lopez

Melissa, a University of Long Beach graduate major in Human Development with many years of diverse experience working with individuals with disabilities. She strives to make a positive experience and advocates strongly for individuals.

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Service Navigator and Independent Facilitator

David Castilla

David holds a master’s degree in social work and has worked with all age demographics from teenagers to senior citizens in various roles of advocacy. He strives his best to advocate and help people with their own individual needs to the best of his ability in order to make positive impacts on their lives.

We Believe In Choice

At NeuroNav, we believe you and your families are in charge. Our commitment to unmatched support and uplifting our clients sets us apart from the rest. See the difference for yourself today.

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We specialize in empowering individuals on their unique Self-Determination journey — reach out to explore with us.

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