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Self-Determination Program.

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NeuroNav guides current Regional Center clients through the process of entering the Self-Determination Program (SDP).

Domi, Navigator


I was thrilled to guide my client into the Self-Determination Program. Being able to support him and share in his excitement of getting into every college he applied to and getting ready for the next phase of his life has been wonderful. Helping him ensure that he has the support he needs to thrive and be happy in this new environment brings me great joy.

Amanda Nixon

Amanda, Navigator


Guiding two clients into the Self-Determination Program (SDP) and ultimately helping them secure their spots at The Gary Shupin House, an independent living community, was a milestone moment. Seeing the comfort it brought their families reaffirms the transformative power of SDP.


Chynna, Navigator


I had a musically-inclined client who required an Apple computer. Understanding their familiarity, I championed their need, ensuring they had the best tools for success.

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