Finding Inclusive Workplaces in California

Three people, one in a wheelchair, sit and listen to a supervisor wearing safety goggles and orange reflective vests.

Inclusive workplaces include, well, everyone. An inclusive job creates equal opportunity for all employees, regardless of their needs. Inclusivity is especially important for adults with disabilities, but it applies to each and every person you work with. Locating inclusive workplaces in California can help you enter the workforce with confidence. Below, we pinpoint what to look for in an inclusive job, the resources you have for support, and how you can prepare to start a new job.


What Do Inclusive Workplaces in California Look Like?

Understanding the core tenets of an inclusive workplace can help you identify which opportunities offer the most promise.


A sense of belonging boosts productivity, plain and simple. When employees feel like a part of something larger than themselves, they’re more likely to work hard – and feel genuinely empowered by doing so. 

Fostering a sense of belonging also has another effect: it encourages people to ask for support when needed. Employees should always feel comfortable asking for what they need to work efficiently, whether accommodations, resources or simply some extra validation.


It’s vital that employers can connect their company’s missions or values to an employee’s everyday work. A commitment to diversity and disability inclusion should be a key part of these values. After all, connection with employees means connection with all employees, which requires an openness to learn and listen.


Everyone can be held to the same standards at the workplace, but an employer should focus on work outcomes, not necessarily how they’re achieved. A truly inclusive workplace will be flexible enough to support different ways of thinking, communication, and goal achievement.

How to Find Inclusive Jobs in California: Our Tips

Now that you know what sort of company culture to look for in an inclusive job, how can you find the actual employment opportunity? Below are some tips to help get you started on the hunt for inclusive jobs in California.

  • Know Your Resources: Be aware of your options for support, both in and outside the workplace. Come to the table with a sense of what you’ll need from an employer to succeed and what they can do to help get you there.
  • Consult Your Peers: Not sure where to look for jobs? Unsure of how to select a field that fits your needs well? Consider speaking with members of your community, friends, and family who may share your experiences or understand them personally. Some insight from others may help you spot opportunities you might otherwise overlook.
  • Be Transparent: California disability rights include the right to reasonable accommodations that help you perform your job. It’s often helpful to present these needs to your employer upfront, both so they can prepare to support you and so you can have an honest discussion about your needs. Don’t be afraid to speak up and advocate for yourself!

Resources for Finding Inclusive Workplaces

It can be hard to find inclusive workplaces – almost any workplace might present itself as inclusive, but that doesn’t always translate to real results. Fortunately, there are plenty of resources that can help you locate genuinely inclusive and welcoming jobs for people with disabilities, including those below.





  • Job Accommodation Network (JAN): The JAN can help you understand workplace accommodations and employment-related questions. This resource is great for employers and employees alike.


  • Job Boards: Disability-focused job boards like AbilityJOBS can help you find inclusive workplaces and employers near you.

Here at NeuroNav, we strive to help those participating in the California Self-Determination Program navigate the resources they can access confidently and effectively. Our mission is to help people like you navigate the services and support you need to thrive. If you’re already a part of SDP or are considering it as an option for support, we invite you to browse our services or schedule a free consultation to start a conversation.

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