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What is Person-Centered Planning?

Person-centered planning (PCP) is an approach designed to allow people to access support tailored to their needs. When used as a tool for building confidence and personal autonomy, it can have life-altering effects.


Does the Self-Determination Program Cover the Cost of a Home Health Aide?

The idea of neurodiversity celebrates the valuable viewpoints and unique strengths of individuals with neurological...

5 Inspiring Neurodivergent Individuals Who Shaped the World

The idea of neurodiversity celebrates the valuable viewpoints and unique strengths of individuals with neurological...

Massage Therapy for Adults with Disabilities: How it Works

Massage therapy isn’t just about relaxation–it’s a powerful tool that can contribute to improved quality of life for...

Accessible Voting & Supporting Voters with Disabilities: Know Your Rights

People with disabilities are eligible to vote in elections just like any other U.S. citizen. This was not always the...

Do I Need to Receive Medi-Cal to Enroll in the Self-Determination Program?

Many Californians who use public services like SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance), CalWorks (AFDC), or...

Consumer Rights, Appeals & Complaints in the Self-Determination Program (SDP)

Anytime you or your livelihood are subject to a decision by the state government, you are usually entitled to appeal if...

Your Guide to Adaptive Clothing for Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Having an intellectual or developmental disability (IDD) does not mean you should miss out on the ability to dress...

Who Can Provide Services for Self-Determination Program Participants?

California Self-Determination Program (SDP) participants enjoy the freedom to choose support services that best help...

Background Checks for SDP Services: What You Need to Know

You’d like to think that any stranger who comes into your home to perform services—like plumbers, electricians, and...
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