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California Regional Center

Tema 2: Serie de Eventos de Autodeterminación Organizada por NeuroNav y RCEB

Encontrar servicios de apoyo en el Programa de Autodeterminación: Estrategias prácticas y creativas para localizar los...

Topic 2: Self-Determination Event Series Hosted by NeuroNav & RCEB

Navegar por los ajustes de mitad de año en el Programa de Autodeterminación: Ideas clave para los cambios...

Budget vs. Spending Plan in the Self-Determination Program

For families and individuals with developmental disabilities, the Self-Determination Program offers newfound freedom...

Understanding Disability Rights in California: A Guide for Individuals and Families

If you or a loved one live with a neurodevelopmental or intellectual disability, you have rights protected by the State...

How to Become a California Regional Center Client

Determining if you’re eligible for California Regional Center Services If you are not currently a California Regional...
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